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英國公司每年都需要向政府申報公司所得稅(corporation tax),過程中公司需要計算業務利潤,簡單而論就是從你的年度交易報表中,把收入減去支出。但這個並不是公司所得稅的全部,你還有一系列的情況可以獲得稅務減免,經調整後才會是所得稅的最終稅項。我們專業的會計師會替你在確保合規合法的情況下,盡量減少稅務開支。


1. 資本抵免(Capital Allowances)

假如你公司購入機器、儀器、電腦、汽車等工具作為業務用途,你可以申請從公司利潤中抵免相關的開支,藉此扣稅。在某些情況下,公司有機會可以獲得攤銷抵免(Writing Down Allowance),代表可以在較長的時間裡獲得稅務減免。

2. 年度投資抵免(Annual Investment Allowance,AIA)


3. 公司所得稅虧損(Corporation Tax Losses)


4. .研究與發展減免(R&D減免)Research and Development Relief,R&D relief)


5. 創意產業減免(Creative Sector Relief)


  • Why use an accountant to handle tax filing?
    If you are not familiar with the tax declaration procedures in the UK, or have doubts about the information required to be declared on the tax return form or do not know how to fill it in, it is very appropriate to hire a licensed accountant to handle it on your behalf. On the other hand, for the situation of overseas people or people who have just come to the UK, the tax return forms provided by HMRC online may not be able to meet the needs of customers 100%.It is safer to hire a professional accountant to assist with tax filing.
  • How to avoid double taxation in Hong Kong and the UK?
    If You are a UK tax resident And with income from Hong Kong, you may be subject to double taxation. The Double Tax Treaty (Double Tax Treaty) has been signed between the UK and Hong Kong, which allows you to apply for a credit for the UK tax burden on the tax paid in Hong Kong. In the tax return form provided online by HMRC, it may not be 100% To meet the needs of customers, it is safer to hire professional accountants to assist in tax declaration.
  • How will an accountant file your taxes for you?
    We will first understand the customer's financial situation, prepare the corresponding HMRC form for the customer, and fill in the relevant tax information for the customer to ensure that the information is complete and meets the requirements of HMRC, and complete the entire tax procedure in an orderly manner.
  • I just immigrated to the UK, how do I apply for Split Year Treatment?
    For people who have just immigrated to the UK, the problem they often encounter when filing taxes is that they do not know how to declare the Split Year Treatment (Split Year Treatment). This is because you need to fill in the SA109 form to fill in the relevant information, and the relevant forms cannot Choose and fill in the HMRC tax declaration process, so you need to find another SA109 form to fill in. If you have other income, such as dividends in Hong Kong, regular bank or rental income, you need to fill in other forms, because each person's situation is different , it is difficult to generalize which forms to fill in, or which details to pay attention to, etc. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us to follow up for you.
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