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在英國購買物業時,買家需要繳付印花稅(Stamp Duty),基於不同情況,所繳付的稅項可大不相同。特別是持BNO VISA移英人士,往往對英國「首次置業」準則或金錢調動往來感到困惑,我們專業的會計師可因應最新稅收標準以及你的實際情況,為你評估你實際的印花稅支出,以及在個別情況下,做到減少稅務支出的效果。

印花稅稅率Stamp Duty













黃先生(化名)持BNO VISA移民英國已超過一年,曾在香港買過物業,移英前已把物業售出,目前身份是英國稅務居民,他購入一間£300,000物業,交易時由於樓價首£250,000是免稅,餘下的£50,000則需要支付5%稅項,稅項便是£2,500。

首次置業買家稅率First Time Buyer Stamp Duty

如果你在全球未曾買賣過任何物業,英國是你人生首次買入物業的話,你就可以享受到首次置業買家稅率First Time Buyer Stamp Duty優惠。由2022年9月22日起,首次置業買家稅率如下:


tax rate








黃先生(化名)持BNO VISA移民已超過一年,他未曾在地球任何一處買過物業,目前身份是英國稅務居民,他購入一間£300,000物業,交易時無須繳付印花稅。

  • How does WONG&YIP Accountants handle tax issues for customers?
    Our professional accountant team is composed of licensed accountants in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, and serves individuals, companies, and real estate investment in three categories. ‧Personal aspects: We can provide clients with professional assessment and analysis, answer tax-related questions, and handle tax declaration procedures for clients to ensure that all procedures are compliant. ‧Company aspects: We can help customers establish companies from scratch in the UK, handle daily bookkeeping and accounting work, set up payroll systems, contract company accounting services, prepare financial statements, and handle UK and EU value-added tax, etc. ‧Real estate investment: We can handle stamp duty assessment and tax refund for customers, and tax issues for overseas owners.
  • How much is the fee of WONG&YIP Acountants?
    Since the tax issues or handling methods faced by different people are very different, our service charges will be flexible, depending on the needs and circumstances of customers, and we will give customers fair and reasonable quotations.
  • What documents do I need to prepare?
    Since everyone's tax problems are different and the required information is also different, we recommend that customers contact us with WhatsApp first and explain your situation initially. We will discuss the relevant inquiries with customers and then prepare relevant documents for us to improve services. quality and efficiency.
  • How do accountants protect clients' privacy and confidential information?
    All of our accountants are licensed professional accountants. In all cases, the principle of confidentiality will be observed. Unless legal or professional obligations require disclosure, all information will be kept confidential. We will require customers to sign a confidentiality agreement, encrypt the data provided by customers, keep customer information in a safe place, and protect network security through firewalls and anti-virus software. Management customers no longer need to use the data.
  • What are the benefits of finding a professional accountant to handle taxation?
    Our accounting and taxation services can help clients manage their personal or corporate tax situations more efficiently, and at the same time provide clients with professional tax advice, such as providing advice on reducing tax expenses and improving their personal or corporate financial status.
  • What is the use of outsourcing company accounting services? What are the benefits?
    For start-ups, due to limited resources, most of the accounting work will be undertaken by the founders alone. By outsourcing the accounting work to our company, the boss can focus more on business development, and at the same time avoid being unfamiliar with accounting operations or tax systems. resulting in losses. In the UK, the cost of hiring a professional accountant is high. By outsourcing the accounting work to a professional accountant, you can enjoy professional accounting services at a lower price and avoid the problem of hiring the wrong person. Therefore, outsourcing accounting services is often used in many cases. It's all safe practice.



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