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Personal Tax Management

Report Personal Tax

The UK adopts a global tax system, which means that as long as you are a tax resident, your personal income needs to be taxed no matter which country it comes from. In addition, there are many tax items in the UK, and each tax residentIf between April 6 and April 5 of the following year:1)self-employed earning more than £1,000; or 2) a partner in a business partnership; or 3) Earnings of £100,000 or more as an employee, must declare all income after each tax year to calculate income tax, as well as capital gain tax (Capital Gain tax) and other miscellaneous items that are not in the Hong Kong tax system, for those who are not familiar with British taxation, or those who have just immigrated to the UK For humans, filing tax returns is a tedious and exhausting task. Depending on the situation, the tax returns to be filled are different. Therefore, it is an appropriate way to hire a licensed accountant to fill out tax returns and submit tax refund applications for you.

Your Personal Tax Account

A personal tax account generally refers to an account in the HMRC of the UK Revenue and Customs that integrates all your personal tax information. You can process and manage all your tax information through related services without spending time actively calling or contacting HMRC. You can find various information related to your tax here:

  • Check your tax code

  • Retrieve your UTR number (for self-employed persons)

  • Your National Insurance Number (NI number)

  • Submit self-assessment tax report

  • Estimate your tax

  • Check state pension

  • Sort out tax reimbursement

  • Check the marriage law

  • View work benefits (including medical insurance, car allowance, etc.)

  • Check your P800 form to determine whether you have paid more or less tax

How to file your personal tax return

If you are a UK tax resident, you can generally obtain a tax certificate through HMRC

To apply for personal tax declaration, you need to register an account. In the process, you need to register a government Gateway account first. In addition, you need to prepare some information or documents to complete the personal identity verification process, such as NI number, food slip, passport, license plate, P60 document, etc.

How to file tax returns for foreigners

If you are not a UK tax resident and live in a place outside the UK (such as Hong Kong), but you have income from the UK, such as renting out properties in the UK, you cannot use the HMRC online service for tax declaration, you can choose our company’s tax declaration Service, for you to report tax to HMRC, we will handle all the relevant information on the tax form for you in detail to ensure that the amount is complete, and all filling methods meet the requirements of HMRC, so as to prevent the British side from missing the information when filling out the information. Affect the tax filing procedures, and even mistakenly believe that the filer deliberately conceals to evade taxes.

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